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Home on a night off with no costumes ongoing makes me antsy, so...

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Nov. 13th, 2009 | 04:18 am
posted by: mullenkamp in icanhascosplay

Obviously I need to buy supplies for stuff soon so I have things to do on nights off other than write about scruffy homeless Vulcans (sorry dear! I do that at work every other night!), and ideally, that should be what we're going to need for skits.

First skit we'll need costumes for is 1940 at Katsu. (Which is almost definitely a go now - I have enough vacation/personal time left to use up before late Feb. that I could probably hit Katsu AND Ohayocon, and one of the two people with seniority over me is asking for the week AFTER Katsu off, so only one person to potentially bump my request. We will make financial arrangements soon, J!)

If I've got this correct, Thea as America has nothing to worry about, because she'll be borrowing the costume and wearing her own combat boots.

Which leaves me to just make Japan. Have already established the white military uniform is the way to go. However, input and links to the most preferable references would be helpful. For instance, what the heck fabric should that be? I'm assuming something in the suiting or bottomweight department, twill or gabardine or whatnot, but any specific suggestions? Also, most of the images I'm finding online seem to be fan art... and the ones that are not vary betwen being chibis or screencaps, which don't always agree with each other. If there is a particular incarnation that is generally considered "most" accurate or that goes with other costumes that will be worn, hopefully with good references, I'd love to know which it is. ;)

And then, ACen is going to be Springtime for Draklor if all goes well. For the record, ACen has revamped their masq rules again this year, and although I don't think we'll have a problem with anything except maybe we'll have to drop the Inglourious Basterds joke at the end - no longer PG-13, but PG is the rule, they're funny about firearms, and time limit is still 2:30 - feel free to have a look. (Also, we think we're going to be staying at the Embassy Suites this year, and should get on reserving that in the morning.)

Will note that one rule is that no costumes can have been worn in a previous ACen masq. Gabranth was not completed when Thea wore it before, we've made some changes to it since, and I'm thinking we're going to do some fixing up on it anyway... But just checking - are we sure the cast is final for that? I know there was an earlier revision involving Ashe and Basch rather than Ashe and Penelo, and if I have to make Basch (because we really can't borrow Mith's - it won!), it would be a good thing to know in advance. ;)

Which leaves Venat for me to make, and no worries there because I've been pondering the logistics for something like two years now and may start tonight because hello craft foam and posterboard~ and I love constructing insane things that light up and smoke, and just ASK about the solo project I've been thinking about lately.

So, in summary: References/input for Japan? Am I really not making any new masq costumes for Thea until possibly next Otakon?

(Of course, I'm making Geddoe for her, and we are TOTALLY taking Geddoe and Queen into craftsmanship somewhere if it's not a disaster, so I'm hardly leaving her in the lurch. ;))

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i am not cinna the conspirator

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from: mithrigil
date: Nov. 13th, 2009 02:30 pm (UTC)

Japan References!

And yeah, that looks to be the case. I think I prefer the Penelo version of the skit to the Basch version, since she'll have more to say. A pity about the guns thing though. We can still use a baseball bat...

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Plotinus tl;dr Anon

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from: mullenkamp
date: Nov. 13th, 2009 05:51 pm (UTC)

Dangiiiiiit, even the two pics on the single wallpaper don't agree on the colors in the collar and the shape on the sleeve. -_- But since the first pic matches the pic on the right in the wallpaper, guess I'll go with two out of three. This is going to be easy, looks like.

Yeah, I imagine a baseball bat is okay as long as we don't ... swing it at people? I dunno, pointing a fake gun at someone from a distance sounds a lot more safe than pretending to bean someone with a bat, but ACen is weird like that.

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