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Aug. 13th, 2008 | 09:03 am
posted by: akatonbo in icanhascosplay

The standard rate for the Days Inn, at which I reserved 2 rooms on Sunday afternoon, is $199/night. The actual con rate this time around is a boggling $120/night. I was able to reserve ONE room, which they swore to me was the very last one, at the con rate; they were unable to convert existing reservations.

I'm leaving the existing 2-room reservation at the normal rate alone for the moment since there's plenty of time before I'd need to cancel any part of it, but it's up to you guys whether you'd rather stick with the $199/night at the Days or make a reservation someplace else (there were still cheaper rooms available elsewhere through the Otakon reservation site when we checked -- the Days wasn't listed anymore after I made my reservation by phone). Personally, with the rate being divided between more people, I'd probably pick the Days. Heck, I might pick the Days anyway, it was amazingly awesome to be so close to the convention center this year. Also there's always keeping a hawk eye on the site to watch for rooms at the Days opening up somehow. I should be able to change my existing reservation to 1 room anytime, though; I can't imagine that should be a problem.

(Oh, and officially those are all 2-person rates, since when I made the 2-room reservation it wouldn't let me say '2 people in 1 room and 4 in the other' even if I'd wanted to and then the actual con rate reservation people only had the one room.)

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Gustave XIII "The Steel"

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from: red_mage_jerry
date: Aug. 13th, 2008 04:53 pm (UTC)

Sheeeeet, $200 a night for four people (assuming that you and Mullenkamp take the con-rate room) comes to something like $150/person for the weekend, $200 if we stay through Sunday. That's LOTS cheap, and I say keep it.

I've stayed at the Days Inn before. It's close, it's comfortable (if a touch small, but who cares about that if we're never in the room anyway?), and it's relatively inexpensive. The only complaint I have about it is no comped breakfast, but that's a workaroundable issue (i.e. bring snacks and a cooler). And, realistically, is there ANY hotel that is that close to both the con center AND the First Mariner Arena?

I'd say hang on to the other room for now, until con time gets closer. If we end up needing the third room for some reason (such as having other friends need a room), we'll still have it to give them, and if not, well, we can ditch it to some worthy soul via the Otakon LJ community.

Heck, depending on the exact cash flow situation, we could even fill all three rooms ourselves. That seems more than a touch on the ostentatious side, though.

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